The female street photographers of Instagram, in pictures (as featured in The Guardian)

Guardian Cities ran a piece on street photography blogzine and social media project, Her Side of the Street. Below is part of the text of the article, read here for the rest, including many images.

“The female street photographers of Instagram – in pictures
The art of street photography was long dominated by men and the ‘male gaze’, but new project Her Side of the Street celebrates women’s role in the practice, By Francesca Perry

Last year, American photographer Casey Meshbesher felt compelled to create a compendium of street photography by women after noticing that very little could be found about the practice online or in print. She founded the blogzine Her Side of the Street focusing on female street photographers, as well as setting up the growing Women Street Photographers community and trying to map female street photographers around the world. “Projects like these are all an important part of the fuel for the fire about women in the arts,” she says, “which in turn is part of a larger flame from a resurgent feminist movement.”

“Underrepresentation of women in the art world is a well-known issue,” she adds. “In street photography, the situation is more acute. Calling this 90% male visibility might be too generous. We have old inherited ideas about what street photography is, originating from a time when sexism really was more dominant. The goal of these projects has been nothing less than to change the game, and I believe it has already begun to do so.”

The Her Side of the Street account on Instagram (@womeninstreet) promotes the work of female street photographers from around the world. Tag your Instagram shots with #womeninstreet to contribute to the Her Side of the Street project and follow @guardiancities for more great urban photography from around the world.”

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