Women of street photography

Her Side of the Street is a social media project across several platforms promoting women street photographers. Find us on:

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This list had been longer, and now with the evolution of Her Side of the Street projects replacing the need for this since the list was first published, it has become a tighter list of only contemporary names.  More comprehensive is the world map of women street photographers.

Press about in The Guardian, La Repubblica, Adobe Blog

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Alison Adcock
Shweta Agarwal
Michelle Alvarez
Fabrizia Ascatigno
Kathleen Bridget Austin
Narelle Autio
Anahita Nicoukar Avalos
Xyza Cruz Bacani
Andjela Banicevic
Tina Bojlesen
Marianna Boltsi
Deb Bonney

Melissa Breyer
Karina Brys
Michelle Rice Chan
Ali Cherkis
Julia Coddington
Mel Coehlo
Jill Corson
Silvia Hagge de Crespin
Nayeli Cruz
Sally Davies
Cheryl Dunn
Ximena Echague
Kristin van den Eede
Melanie Einzig
Lesley Ann Ercolano
Alice Ferrabsoschi
Patti Fogarty

Marja Skotheim Folde
Marie Fontecave
Becky Frances
Jill Freedman
Ronya Galka
Anne J Gibson
Didi S. Gilson

Michelle Groskopf
Lisa Guerriero
Benedicte Guillon
Genevieve Hafner
Danielle Houghton
Emilie Houwat
Julie Hrudova

Elizabeth Huey
Eleni Ioannidou
Natalia Jaeger
Valerie Jardin
Maria Kappatou
Violet Kashi
Olesia Kim
Ania Klosek
Monika Krzyszkowska
Marie Laigneau
Anne-Sophie Landou
Ariadna Lasser
Marci Lindsay

Steffi Loffler
Efi Logginou
Jane Macneil
Sonia Madrigal
Graciela Magnoni
Jill Maguire
Eleni Mahera
Elena Maiorova
Dawn Mander

Gina Maragoudaki
Valentina Martiradonna
Dona Ann McAdams
Alison McCauley
Casey Meshbesher
Marga von den Meydenberg
Nicola Miles
Pauline Miller
Maria Moldes

Ludmilla Morais
Chris Moxey
Joanna Mrowka
Liora Naiman
Orna Naor
Galia Nazaryants
Tiziana Nespoli
Francesca Nicolosi (Diada)
Sara Nicomedi
Natalie Opocensky
Melissa O’Shaughnessy
Aleksandra Perovic
Maria Plotnikova
Molly Porter
Vendula Ralkova
Charlotte Reynolds
Michelle Rick
Eleni Rimantonaki
Marta Rybicka
Elisabeth Schuh
Eleonore Simon

Orietta Gelardin Spinola
Maria Spyropoulou
Suzanne Stein
Zoe Strauss
Nicole Struppert
Ying Tang
Siri Thompson
Amy Touchette
Stella Trasforini
Ksenia Tsykunova
Ania Vouloudi
Roza Vulf
Susan Catherine Weber
Lara Wechsler
Lauren Welles
Rebecca Weston
Charlene Winfred
Linda Wisdom
Tatum Wulff
Mingyi Zhou

40 thoughts on “Women of street photography

  1. I am truly humbled to be included in this list of such phenomenal talent and inspiring work. Proud to say that #Ishootlikeagirl – thank you for this beautifully curated list Casey!

  2. Thank you, Casey. I’m honored to be included on this list. But even if I weren’t I’m thrilled it exists and that some very bad ass female street photographers are getting noticed.

  3. Fabulous work all around, Casey. You have added many more eyes & exposure for those who often shoot candidly and happen to have two X chromosomes than the usual much less inclusive & researched lists. Great to see so many names I know here and also to learn about some others new to me to keep an eye on. Cheers!

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